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Jason Bennett – Woe Is Me from Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’
Jason Bennett – Wino Rich live on WDVX Knoxville, TN
Jason Bennett – Abandoned Town from Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’


I’m old school Americana singer-songwriter Jason Bennett.

I’ve been a cover band player in central Ohio for over 20 years and have decided it’s time to write and record my own stuff.  I released my debut EP October, 2018. I have a new CD set to release at the beginning of March, 2022.

You can see in the gray beard and the wrinkles around my eyes that I’m not a young fella.  I’m running full-ahead with the nickname ‘The Yodeling Grandpa’.  You can hear me yodel in my song Woe Is Me and I’m a grandpa so the nickname fits really well.

I did a midwest/southern tour winter of 2018 and did a Columbus to Washington state and back tour during the summer of 2019. I’m currently working on setting up a coffee house tour for the summer of 2022.

I’ve been able to do a bunch of fun things in my music career.  I’ve played keyboards for Joey Mullins of Badfinger.  I co-wrote the score for a Chicago Theater District run play.  I’ve screamed in a thrash metal band.  I sang baritone in a barbershop quartet.  I played piano in a jazz band.  I yodel and play keys, guitar and harmonica in a polka band.  I’ve sat in with many great musicians.  

While listing these things I started wondering what my life would be like if I didn’t have music.  I’m grateful that I don’t have to know the answer.

You can contact me at jason@jasonbennettmusic.com or 614-360-8779

Link to the fan page: https://www.jasonbennettmusic.com

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